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I'm the sole owner and main operator of K.B. Shore Event Planning! Thank you so much for visiting my site! I've always had a passion for planning events and parties.

I got my start helping my sister-in-law plan her wedding back in 2021. As of August 2022, I have helped seven other brides make their dream day come to life!

A little about me; I have lived on the eastern shore since I was two years old. I am the oldest of 3, but the second oldest out of five from my blended family on my dad's side. I am super creative and LOVE getting to work with a DIY bride. My favorite food is anything seafood and I love a nice ride on a boat with my fiancé and our friends.

The purpose of my job is to make YOUR DAY all about YOU. I am there to help make sure you don't stress, be your number one cheerleader with all of your amazing ideas, and to ensure that your party, event, or wedding is as great as you imagined!


In April 2022, after almost six years together, my now fiancé proposed to me! I'll be getting married in June 2023 on the eastern shore of MD, close to my home town.


Follow on my social media as I go through the entire wedding planning process along with all of my wonderful clients!

  • I have two dogs! A five year old chocolate lab named Zeke and an almost one year old black lab named Stella.

  • I have been to Hawaii twice! Thanks to work trips my fiancé has gone on, we have been to Honolulu and seen the amazing beaches.

  • My favorite show to re-watch OVER and OVER is F.R.I.E.N.D.S.; I can say the lines before they're said.

  • I'm a recent 2022 graduate from UMGC with my bachelor's degree in business administration.

  • I'm not the best at cooking (unless its pasta), but I can bake a mean cheesecake!

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